What we do offer

Enterprise Software Services

We design and build complex systems to automate business processes, eliminate paper-based workflows, and improve customer experience. We offer flexible services to modernize and expand an existing solution with new features, or build a new one from scratch, fitting your exact requirements.

Legacy software modernization and replatforming

We will upgrade the existing system to enable ease of maintenance, improve performance, and ensure security. Being an experienced enterprise app development company, we can update the underlying technologies without downtime or data loss.

Custom Software Development

We can help you transform an idea into a fully viable software, starting by defining the goals and building a roadmap to the best possible solution.

API Integration

As part of our custom enterprise software development services, we build robust APIs to securely connect your application with all types of back-end services. With NSWS you can also share data with a variety of third-party apps, enabling new features and improving user experience.

Website Development

A website is one of the simplest ways to show your products and services to the world. It is a business card that attracts new customers.

Foster CRM

Handling a received lead in the shortest possible time is the key to crack a deal. Lead management integrates your India Mart lead in the shortest time to take further action. The lead distribution system will auto distributes among your executives. Our solutions are aimed at enabling businesses sustain and grow, in this highly competitive digital landscape.